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Faux Fur Rugs

Faux (Fake) Fur Rugs: Area Rugs, Bear Rugs and Animal Rugs

Luxurious faux fur rug and fake fur area rugs: washable, hypoallergenic, fire retardant without the use of chemical additives, and non-skid backing.  Our faux fur rugs are exotic with the real look and feel of fur, without the use of animal products.  These versatile throw rugs are suitable for about any room, including the bath room and child's room.  We were the first retailer to sell a modern faux fur rug on the internet in 1999, and we are experts.  Our collections include luxurious top-of-the-line faux fur from France: area rugs, animal print rugs, faux animal hides and skins, and fake bear rugs.  


We offer a rich selection of faux fur area rugs,  in various pile lengths, from France, the UK and China.  We categorize these as faux fox fur and faux sheepskin area rugs.  The Faux fox fur rugs are from China and are a very soft long pile with a faux suede backing.  Our area rugs from France are the top of the line in termws of quality, softness, resistance to shedding and overall weight and thickness.  These are available in white, brown, black and pastel colors as well.

Calfskin – Natural

Faux Fur Area Rugs

Shag Cotton

Pillows – Natural Cowhide

Theme - Lodge

Cowhide – Animal Print

Faux Sheepskin

Shag Flokati

Pillows – Animal Print Cowhide

Theme - Mystical

Cowhide – Dyed

Natural Bamboo

Shag Leather

Pillows – Flokati

Theme - Musical

Cowhide – Natural

Natural Jute

Sheepskin – Area Rugs

Theme - African

Theme – Subculture

Faux Animal Skins

Natural Seagrass

Sheepskin – Designer

Theme - Animal Print

Theme - Wildlife

Faux Bear Rugs

Natural Sisal

Sheepskin – Pelt Rugs

Theme - Cosmic

Tibetan Lambs Wool