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Tibetan Lambswool

Natural Hand Made Tibetan Lambswool Rugs

Aside from Sheepskin, there are a variety of other luxurious and exotic materials available for home decorating purposes.  The softest, silkiest, most luxurious soft fur rug you will find anywhere, and whiter than flokati or sheep skin. Extremely heavy, hand made, and with a strong fabric backing. This Tibetan Lambs Wool Rug has a pile length of over five inches:long silky strands which lie in a unique flowing pattern. These are hand made and available in white, dark brown and black. Custom Tibetan Lamb's Wool rugs are available in rectangles, rounds and runners of any size in colors Natural white, dyed black and dyed dark brown. 

Calfskin – Natural

Faux Fur Area Rugs

Shag Cotton

Pillows – Natural Cowhide

Theme - Lodge

Cowhide – Animal Print

Faux Sheepskin

Shag Flokati

Pillows – Animal Print Cowhide

Theme - Mystical

Cowhide – Dyed

Natural Bamboo

Shag Leather

Pillows – Flokati

Theme - Musical

Cowhide – Natural

Natural Jute

Sheepskin – Area Rugs

Theme - African

Theme – Subculture

Faux Animal Skins

Natural Seagrass

Sheepskin – Designer

Theme - Animal Print

Theme - Wildlife

Faux Bear Rugs

Natural Sisal

Sheepskin – Pelt Rugs

Theme - Cosmic

Tibetan Lambs Wool