Bowron Sheepskin Rugs

Bowron Sheepskin Rugs

A sheepskin rug means luxury and comfort. Sheepskin rugs are available in traditional, natural shaped long wool sheepskin rugs, long wool sheepskin area rugs and shorn designer sheepskin rugs.  No matter what kind of sheepskin rug you purchase, you can be assured of unsurpassed comfort and luxury. Nothing compares to the luxuriousness and durability of a sheepskin rug or a sheepskin rugs natural comfort for the human body.

Sheepskin Rugs Unique Qualities:

A sheepskin rug is naturally beautiful, luxurious and comfortable. Sheepskin rug wool breaths and is static resistant. Sheepskin rugs durability is unsurpassed by other natural fibers and woven wool alternatives. If you want something you can rest your feet or entire body on, a sheepskin rug is the answer. The structure of sheepskin rug wool allows the body to be supported by millions of resilient and springy wool fibers, providing total support and comfort for your body. And sheepskin rug wool is a great insulator. Wool traps air, which insulates you against cold and heat.  One of the oldest and most natural materials known to mankind, sheepskin rugs can enhance your comfort and improve your well-being. Your sheepskin rug will be naturally resilient. Sheepskin rugs will never lose their beautiful shape. Each sheepskin rug wool fiber is made from millions of minute coiled fibers that stretch and give rather than break. A sheepskin rug is naturally stain, soil and flame resistant too. The surface of a wool fiber is covered by a thin protective membrane which gives wool an ability to shed water and water based stains. The high moisture content of the fiber, along with wool’s protein constituents, gives a sheepskin rug excellent flame resistance.

Bowron Sheepskin Rugs:

New Zealand is the largest producer of lambskin, sheepskin rugs and sheepskin products as well as yarn quality wool. New Zealand Drysdale Wool is considered the finest in the world and is the primary ingredient for most quality wool rugs. Bowron of New Zealand is the the preeminent manufacturer of sheepskin rugs. Bowron maintains very extensive ongoing research and development into the sheepskin rug tanning process, and has patented a unique 42 step tanning method utilizing a closed loop process. The tanning process used in the manufacture of all Bowron sheepskin rugs conforms to the rigid environmental standards of New Zealand, the toughest in the world.

Bowron Sheepskin Rug Products:

Bowron utilizes New Zealand skins exclusively in it's line of natural sheepskin rugs, and hand selects the finest lambskins from New Zealand and Australia for it's area rugs and designer sheepskin rugs. Sheepskin rugs from other areas of the world, while suitable for industrial applications, are not appropriate for sheepskin rugs in home decorating. American sheep are raised throughout the western United States and sold at auction. The buyer does not know what breed their sheepskins are and quality varies widely from breed to breed. The pelts are large; that’s good. But the wool texture is coarse and unattractive; that’s bad. The U.S. tanneries, therefore, “moutonize” domestic sheepskin; a process whereby the wool fibers are ironed straight and chemicals added to create “luster.” Springiness is lost, matting occurs almost immediately, and excessive moisture will damage the chemical finish. South American sheepskins are usually less expensive, but the quality is marginal. The wool fiber is too soft and fine. It has little resiliency, the wool crushes and matting occurs. Chinese sheepskin should not be considered. The leather is thin, and the wools very open, and the dyes used are generally not stable. One would not want a sheepskin rug made from any of these alternatives.

Natural Sheepskin Rugs:

Natural sheepskin rugs are made up of individual sheepskin pelts, hand selected and hand sewn together in different sheepskin rug configurations and sizes. These are articulated below.

Sheepskin Area Rugs:

These are hand selected and hand sewn swatches of natural sheepskin available in rectangles and ovals. These sheepskin rugs are not natural in shape, and have a durable backing.

Designer Sheepskin Rugs:

These sheepskin rugs are all hand sewn from the finest hand selected shorn lambskins. They have soft fillers and durable backings and have the most elegant designs, patterns and colors.

Traditional Sources of Sheepskin Rugs:

There are two major sources of the modern sheepskin rug: New Zealand and Australia. Australia is famous for it’s merino crossbred lambs wool, which are a popular choice for sheepskin rugs. In the early 19th century when other countries were concentrating on sheep for food production, Australian ranchers were striving to upgrade their Merino sheep's wool quality. They imported four basic strains of sheep: Peppin, Saxon, Spanish and French. The resulting crossbred wool, known as "Australian Merino," now commands a premium price on the world markets. Australian sheepskin has exceptional characteristics: dense fleece, fine fiber quality, natural luster, recoil, and durability. Natural Australian sheepskin rugs are generally not as thick, however as New Zealand sheepskin rugs.

Natural Sheepskin Rugs, Configuration, Size and Selection:

Sheepskin rugs are beautiful, luxurious and have fabulous qualities for the healthy support of the human body and so are terrific for that lounging family area of your home. But natural sheepskin rugs come in a variety of configurations which often customers to not quite understand. Just what are quads, sextos, octos and doubles? What do they look like and what size are they? How do I know what sheepskin rug is right for me?

Single Natural Sheepskin Rug:

A single pelt sheepskin rug of course is just one lambskin pelt. This is approximately 2' x 3' in size. This is a very popular item as it is suitable for throws and fits perfectly into a chair for a natural cushion.

Double Natural Sheepskin Rug:

A double pelt sheepskin rug is two single pelts sewn together, end to end, which is approximately 2' x 6'. These are perfect for in front of the bedroom closet or alongside one's bed. The are also suitable for hallways in the bedroom area.

Quad Natural Sheepskin Rug:

Also popular is the quad or quarto sheepskin rug. this is approximately 4' x 6' and is another popular area rug size. This is four sheepskin pelts sewn side-by-side and is suitable for a large range of applications. The quarto natural sheepskin rug is frequently found in front of the fireplace, in the bedroom or even the child's bedroom.

Sexto Natural Sheepskin Rug:

The sexto is a very popular rug size, and for those who require a rug of this dimension it is a perfect fit. The sexto is six sheepskin pelts sewn side-by-side and is approximately 5 1/2' x 6'. The sexto is almost an approximate square shape so it's application is the same as a square area rug.

Octo Natural Sheepskin Rug:

For really large sheepskin rugs, one has to look at the octo which is eight sheepskins sewn side-by-side and is a nice approximately 7 1/2' x 6'. Of course these sizes vary a bit as they are all unique skins and are hand sewn. The octo is an extremely luxurious sheepskin rug and is suitable for those large living spaces, family rooms, great rooms and in front of that large fire place.

Sheepskin Rugs Care:

Vacuuming Sheepskin Rugs: You may vacuum your sheepskin rug, but we recommend a non-upright vacuum. Sheepskin rug wool is naturally resistant to Soil and Dirt If you look at a wool fiber under a microscope, you can see that its structure is made up of overlapping scales, arranged much like roof shingles. These scales keep dust and dirt near the surface of the pile, where it can be easily released by vacuuming.

Washing Sheepskin Rugs:

Hand wash your sheepskin rug with cold water and Woolite, or another specialized wool cleaner. You may spin to remove excess water. Dry your sheepskin rug flat or on a line and stretch to shape while damp. Keep away from direct sunlight and artificial heat. Do not tumble dry your sheepskin rugs. After washing, the wool may revert back to its natural curly state. You can help restore the fluffy appearance by brushing the wool while it is wet and again when it is dry. A wire brush or comb is suitable.

Storing Sheepskin Rugs:

Should you wish to store your sheepskin rug at any time, place it in a cool airy place avoiding direct sunlight. Packaging in plastic bags for an extended period of time is not recommended as the sheepskin rug fibers will not breathe and condensation may occur in warm conditions.