Brazilian Cowhide Rug

Brazilian Cowhide Rug

While a cowhide rug may be typically associated with a southwestern or western decor, in contemporary interior design you can find a cowhide rug utilized in many exotic and exciting applications. There are several reasons for this. While most of the tanning is now done in Brazil, the large variety of beef cattle from around the world adapted to regional climates and conditions can provide an incredible variation in natural colors and patterns for your cowhide rug. Because of their natural appearance, texture and shape, you can also find a cow hide rug in a large range of exotic finished which cannot be matched in other materials. The contemporary interior decorator and designer demands access to a large range of unique materials and products. A contemporary cow hide rug can provide that unique sense of style.

First, they are all unique. No cow hide rug is exactly like any other. Even if they are technically the same approximate size, shape pattern and colors, your cow hide rug will always be unique. Aside from this simple premise, it is also true that modern cowhide rug tanning processes have been developed to produce very exotic finishes and colors. An acid wash cow hide rug has a very different finish quality, and especially when combined with solid color and metallic dyes a cow hide rug can be a center piece in a very modern decor. Your cow hide rug can also be stenciled in a beautiful and authentic looking animal print pattern. An animal print cowhide rug is very authentic looking, as it is a real hide. Usually a natural solid color cow hide rug is stenciled and dyed with a permanent pattern in the tanning process. The colors on your cow hide rug is therefore permanent and will never fade. A select chromium tanned Brazilian cowhide rug can fill about any role from a subtle and conservative solid earth color throw rug to a bold gold or silver metallic fashion statement.

Selecting a Cowhide Rug for your Exotic Home Decor

In selecting an appropriate cow hide rug for your home, there are several considerations. A cowhide rug can be obtained in a variety of sizes, from an approximately 2' x 3' calf skin to an extra large 6' x 7' 6” full size cowhide rug. That would be a natural cow hide rug. An animal print or solid color dyed cowhide rug is normally about 5'6” x 6'6”. Any cowhide rug will have a tanned leather backing, which is very stable on wood and tile floors. And they are all very durable and easy to clean and care for. An animal print cow hide rug can exhibit a wide array of natural and designer colors as well as a range of prints: zebra, tiger, giraffe, leopard, cheetah, jaguar. An animal print cowhide rug is perfect for that safari room, lodge or cabin. It is truly exotic and available in bold designer colors too. A solid color dyed or metallic acid washed cowhide rug makes a bold design statement in any contemporary home. And, of course any natural cow hide rug is essential if you desire that traditional western or southwestern style in your home.

When we think of the southwest most of us think of the range, the ranch and wide open space. When we decorate for southwestern flavor, it is the colors of the Southwest that become important as well as the natural shapes and textures. What is a more recognizable symbol of the west and southwest than a natural cowhide rug. Cattle certainly played a huge role in the settlement of the west and southwest United States. They provided food of course, milk and their hides provided material for clothing, shelter and all manner of human accessories made of leather from saddles to boots. Like the Bison, deer and elk that ranged before it and supported Native American populations, cattle provided sustenance for ever increasing populations of settlers. A natural cow hide rug has long been an accepted and celebrated symbol of the west and southwest, both old and contemporary. A natural cowhide rug can also be used as a throw, wall hanging, or for custom upholstery and decorative pillows. As a matter of fact, Hollywood Love Rugs can make throw pillows to match any cow hide rug you may select. A cowhide rug is guaranteed to never lose favor in your home, because of its large variety of applications: perfect for the adventurous child's room too.

Cow Hide Rug Care:

Another consideration is how to care for a cow hide rug of any type. A cowhide rug can be easily brushed with a good pet brush. You can restore your cow hide rug easily by regular brushing. A cowhide rug is easily shaken out as well. If you have a stain on your cowhide rug, it can usually be removed with Woolite and cold water. Remember, your cowhide rug is a hair-on-hide and is very durable and sturdy. Of course they can be professional cleaned as well, but a cowhide rug can stay in beautiful condition with careful washing of the hair with Woolite and cold water, drying in the air. It is recommended, if you place your cow hide rug on another soft surface, such as wall-to-wall carpeting, that you use a rug pad so that both the carpet and cowhide rug can “breathe”.

Cow Hide Rug Product Qualities and Characteristics:

Calfskin Cow Hide Rug:

Size from 2' x 3' calf skin up to 45 square feet natural cowhide rug.

Cow Hide Rug Natural Patterns:

Brindle blended pattern in dark, medium and light; 50%-50% cloud pattern in black and white, brown and white and palomino and white; 50%-50% sale and pepper pattern in black and white and brown and white; 50%-50% spotted pattern in black and white and brown and white; tricolor brown, black and white; solid color cowhide rug in white, black, brown and caramel. A natural cowhide rug may possess variations such as white around the edges.

Cow Hide Rug Solid Dyed Colors:

Your cowhide rug can be an subdued earth color, bold designer color or pastel color; black, brown, red, yellow, purple, navy blue, pastel pink and pastel blue. One can special order a cowhide rug in just about any color.

Cow Hide Rug Acid Wash Metallic:

An acid wash metallic cow hide rug can be many natural patterns and colors with either a silver or gold metallic wash. Every metallic acid wash cowhide rug is entirely unique, but we can try and satisfy your preference in exact look.

Cow Hide Rug Exotic Animal Prints:

Zebra print cowhide rug pattern in standard and “spinal” variations on backgrounds of off-white, beige, caramel, red and purple; baby zebra cowhide rug pattern on off-white; leopard, cheetah, jaguar cowhide rug patterns on backgrounds of off-white, beige and caramel. Giraffe cowhide rug patterns in standard and baby style on backgrounds of beige, brown and chestnut; tiger cow hide rug patterns in orange and black Bengal style, black and white Siberian style and light Savannah style.

Patchwork Cow Hide Rug:

If you prefer a beautiful hand cut and sewn patchwork cowhide rug, we have access to unlimited variations. Each one is unique. Contact us to discuss your specific patchwork cow hide rug needs.

Cow Hide and Decorative Pillows:

Decorative cowhide leather pillows are available to match any cow hide rug you choose.

Cow Hide Rug Custom Order:

For those discerning customers that want a cow hide rug that is completely unique and fabricated by hand, contact us for your custom cow hide rug needs.