Designer Fake Fur Rugs

Designer Fake Fur Rugs


For thousands of years human beings have valued the use of animal skins and hides for clothing, shelter, blankets, bedding and many other uses. There are many types of beautiful animal hides that are in fact sold for us as throw rugs; sheepskin, Tibetan lambs wool, Alpaca and natural cowhide to name a few. So why fake fur rugs. Many people today are looking for non animal product alternatives. A fake fur rug is manufactured to look as much as possible like real fur, but without some of the qualities home owners at times like to avoid. A fake fur rug is hypoallergenic for one thing. You never have to worry about dander or animal hairs or any reaction from a fake fur rug. Others like to avoid the use of animal products for other reasons, even though hide and skin rugs are always after market products of the food industry.

Fake fur rugs are also inherently fire retardant without the use of chemical additives. A fake fur rug is also washable, which is a tremendous advantage over a real hide or skin. And fake fur rugs can be made to adequately simulate an unlimited range of animal fur, colors and exotic patterns. Fake fur rugs are also extremely economical by comparison to real fur hides and skins. Fake fur rugs make perfect throw and accent rugs. You will also find a non-skid backing on every fake fur rug, which makes our fake fur rugs suitable for every room in the home, including your children's room. Fake fur rugs are also a favorite with pets, and their washable qualities make them preferable to a real fur dog bed.

Fake Fur Rugs from Hollywood Love Rugs:

Soft, luxurious fake fur rugs which are manufactured in Europe specifically to our specifications and requirements.  All of our fake fur rugs are unique products. We have the largest and best selection of fake fur rugs available with certainly the best quality and prices. All our fake fur rugs are made consistent with European Eco standards, hand inspected and cut. We have made sure our fake fur rugs, sheepskin rugs and fake bear rugs are as thick and luxurious as possible: The soft springy pile of our fake fur rugs can be washed in cold water and fluffs back when air dried. We supervise designs and colors of all our fake fur rugs. We guarantee authentic patterns permanent vivid colors in our animal print fake fur rugs. A fake fur rug is substantial enough to lie firmly on the floor and stand up to normal household use. We bring a beautiful variety of size, color, thickness and pattern in our collections of fake fur rugs. We continue to be a leader field of the modern fake fur rug.

Fake Fur Rug Manufacture:

A fake fur rug is an alternative to real fur  Fake fur has been a mainstay in the clothing industry for many years, producing new products, including the fake fur rug. The fake fur rug is very much like real fur but with the advantages of being washable, hypoallergenic, fire retardant and very economical.  Fake fur rugs are perfect for a wide range of applications where the products are used close to the human body in the home. Our branded fake fur rug is made in Europe under strict EEU environmental standards. The fake fur rug is animal friendly and cruelty free. Our fake fur rugs are made of either 100% synthetic acrylic pile or 80% acrylic 20% polyester pile. An animal print fake fur rug is low pile, but may have a polyester filling for added weight and substance.  A bear or sheepskin simulated fake fur rug can range in weight from 1100 to 1200 grams per square meter as well as our area fake fur rug. A fake fur rug in animal shapes with an exotic animal print is approximately 900 to 1000 grams per square meter. This is a knitted fake fur rug, made with textured filament yarns; circular knitting, dope dyed fabric, staple fiber. No colors will ever fade or bleed

Fake Fur Rug Products:

Fake Fur Rug: Area Rug

We have a large collection of rectangular and round fake fur rugs, suitable as area rugs. These are available in dark brown, black, white and ivory, and in three rectangular sizes and five foot round fake fur rugs. These are up to 1200 grams per square meter and have a two inch soft luxurious pile.

Fake Fur Rug:  Bear Rug

We have a beautiful fake fur rug in bear skin shapes and three sizes and colors. These bear fake fur rugs are available in white, ivory, brown and black, and have a two inch soft luxurious pile.

Fake Fur Rug:  Sheepskin Rug

Our white and ivory bear fake fur rugs are also sold as sheepskin fake fur rugs, available in three sizes. We also have fake fur rugs in authentic sheepskin pelt sizes: both double fake sheepskin and quad fake sheepskin rugs. These are very unique and simulate a two-piece and four-piece natural sheepskin pelt rug.

Fake Fur Rug: Animal Hide Rug

Our fake fur rug collection includes a large variety of exotic fake animal skin and hide rugs, made in animal hide shapes with beautiful natural patterns and colors. These are available in three sizes and a range of pile lengths. Exotic animal print fake fur rugs include zebra, tiger, jaguar, leopard, and cow hide faux fur rugs.

Fake Fur Rug Care

Our fake fur rugs can be brushed out gently, shaken, and are washable in cold water with Woolite, on gentle cycle and air dried. Vacuum your fake fur rug only with hand held non-agitator vacuum. Keep away from open flame or direct contact with intense heat, as it can damage the pile of your fake fur rug.  A fake fur rug, if properly cared for, can last indefinitely.  A fake fur rug is easy care, the fact that all our fake fur rugs are washable, makes the fake fur rug ideal for even the bathroom and adventurous child's room.