Enduring Flokati Rugs

Enduring Flokati Rugs

What are Flokati Rugs?

A flokati rug is a wool rug, and it is a shag rug; but, Flokati rugs are also a very uniquely made wool shag rug with a completely different look and feel. Flokati rugs are hand woven, and are used in many configurations in home decor. When shag rugs became popular and prominent during 70s, flokati rugs were introduced and quickly rose in popularity. Flokati rugs have continued to maintain stylish popularity, especially for those seeing elegant and luxurious comfort in a contemporary fashionable wool shag rug. But Flokati rugs were really developed over a thousand years ago, and are still made the same way. It is a testament the the enduring quality and value of the Flokati rug that it retains it's value in homes around the world.

Flokati Rugs Tradition

Flokati rugs have been traditionally used in Greece for 1500 years. These were used as clothing, beds in tents, and for keeping warm in winter. These Flokati rugs were made by Vlach shepherds from hand raised sheep and the women wove the wool into handwoven rugs. The unique flokati rug appearance developed from the Vlach sheep farmer’s habit of washing sheepskin in Pindos mountain river water. Traditionally it was placed under a water fall. This quality of water resistance helps it to tighten, until the stack becomes fluffy. This is called the “birthing” of a flokati rug. This is what gives the flokati rug its enduring unique qualities. It cannot be duplicated with simple weaving or knotting, as in other kinds of wool shag rugs.

Flokati Rug Manufacture and Quality

The Flokati rug is made of raw wool which is spun into the loops and the mass is cut by hand. Then it is still washed in mountain water and pitched to get the softness and fluffiness and then sun dried. The waterfall wash is the secret behind the perfect flokati rug. There are many manufacturers of flokati rugs available today, but all flokati rugs are still made in the traditional manner. Originally, flokati rugs were made from Greek Wool, but today because of the worldwide demand, much of it is made from New Zealand Wool, the best in the world.

The quality of the Flokati rug is measured by the weight. Flokati rugs are measured by weight in kilograms per square meter of wool. They are available in weights from 1.4 kilograms per square meter all the way up to 6.0 kilo and the pile height varies of course with the weight. A 3.0 kilo flokati rug is about three inches in pile height, a 6.0 kilo flokati is about five inches in pile height. These are appropriate for different uses in one’s home. They are all washable, however, and will retain it's original appearance if air dried.

Types of Flokati Rugs

There are two types of Flokati rugs made today, Traditional and Modern Flokati Rugs. The weight of a traditional Flokati rug varies from 2.0 kilo to 6.0 kilo and the weight of modern Flokati rugs normally varies from 1.3 kilo to 1.5 kilo. Modern Weave Flokati Rugs are made for the modern lifestyle and for the more budget conscious. Our Modern Weave New Flokati Rugs are handmade with 100% Wool pile, hand loomed from real authentic Greek Wool. The backing is not wool, but a stronger and more stain and soil resistant poly yarn, which is woven tighter than traditional than a traditional Flokati rug backing.

This Flokati rug is still fluffy and retains the essential qualities of traditional Flokati Rugs, but is easier to handle, and the lower pile fits more easily under furniture and doors. It is also available in a multitude of permanent colors. The New Flokati rugs poly backing is more stain and soil resistant. The result is a beautiful, economical, soft and white modern look in a traditional Flookati rug. The perfect combination of elements makes Modern New Flokati Rugs our best buy for quality and utility. Authentic Pindos Mountain Greek Wool, hand woven into a supersoft and luxurious Flokati Rug.

Flokati Rugs Durability

All Flokati rugs are available in many colors like off-white, winter white designer colors. They are also available in various sizes and shapes to suit any area of a house. At Hollywood Love Rugs we specialize in custom orders of traditional Flokati Rugs and have provided custom Flokati rugs for many clients in many exotic configurations and colors, including a 4.0 kilo 14 foot round Flokati rug for use under a grand piano. These high end super plush traditional Flokati Rugs have an incomparable appearance, and if properly cared for can last easily a quarter century with moderate wear. The Flokati rug is known for it’s amazing durability and a quality. Flokati rugs are naturally soil and stain resistant, and they are all washable. Small Flokati rugs can be machine washed in cold water with a specialized wool cleaner and gentle cycle and air dried. Large Flokati rugs can be professionally washed and air dried, or even washed outside.

Storage and Care of Flokati Rugs

Should you wish to store your Flokati rug at any time, place it in a cool airy place avoiding direct sunlight. Packaging in plastic bags for an extended period of time is not recommended as a Flokati rugs fibers will not breathe and condensation may occur in warm conditions. You may vacuum your Flokati rug, but we recommend a non-upright vacuum with no agitator.  Flokati rugs are naturally resistant to Soil and Dirt if you look at a wool fiber under a microscope, you can see that its structure is made up of overlapping scales, arranged much like roof shingles. These scales keep dust and dirt near the surface of the pile, where it can be easily released by vacuuming. Hand wash your Flokati Rug with cold water and Woolite, or another specialized wool cleaner. You may spin to remove excess water. Dry your Flokati rug in the air or sun. Keep away from artificial heat. Do not tumble dry your Flokati rugs. Take care not to place the Flokati rug on a radiator, steam pipe or in front of a fan heater as this may cause damage. Washing and brushing your Flokati rug will restore it’s natural beauty and appearance.

Flokati Rug Q & A

Here at Hollywood Love Rugs, we field a lot of questions about these fabulous Flokati rugs and have prepared this Q and A for our customers which contain answers for some commonly asked questions.

What is a Flokati Rug?

Flokati Rugs are a unique wool shag rug made exclusively in Greece. It is a traditional product and has been made for over 1500 years. It is hand woven, and immersed in water until the yarn swells and creates the unique wool shag Flokati rug effect. It is then sun dried.

What is the difference between Flokati Rugs and Sheepskin or Lambswool Rugs?

Flokati Rugs are made from wool yarn that is woven and swells in a water bath.   A sheepskin rug is an actual pelt or skin from a sheep. A Flokati rug has a resilient cushion but sheepskin is a fur and softer to the feel.

What about other wool shag rugs?

Other wool shag rugs can be made in a similar fashion to traditional Flokati Rug. Machine tufted wool shag rugs can still immersed in water to produce the swollen shag wool Flokati rug effect, but they are made on a machine run loom, and are tufted. This gives a different surface appearance and feel compared to a traditional Flokati rug.  Since they are not hand made they are more economical than a hand woven Flokati rug. Our modern weave Flokati rug is hand made and made in the traditional way except that it has a poly fiber yarn backing for superior stain resistance, durability and a tighter weave which make it less prone to allow soiling to pass through to the floor.  it is important to note that the true Flokati rug has a unique appearance and refine qualities.

How white are Flokati Rugs stated as "off-white" or “natural”

Flokati rugs are made with what we call a "natural" color, which is a sort of soft off white color.  It is not pure white, although we do also have bleached winter white Flokati rugs as well.  However, lighting and texture has a big influence on how that color is perceived by the viewer.  Please note that all our photographs are taken in daylight balanced conditions. However, afternoon sunlight is reddish, incandescent lights are reddish, fluorescent lights are greenish. This will have an effect on the appearance of your Flokati Ruig. The Flokati rugs wool shag material is soft, and not reflective. Light also casts shadows on shag material in a random way. So this is very important to consider when making your choice. Soft goods and shag materials are very light sensitive.

I think I want a custom Flokati Rug

We offer custom Flokati rugs in all weights, colors and any size, and matching Flokati pillows as well.

What is the difference in these 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 kilo flokati rugs?

Flokati rugs are typically marketed by indicated the weight in wool per square meter. In practical terms, it simply means more or less material in the same area. This influences the thickness of the rug, and also the density of the pile. A 4.0 kilo Flokati rug has twice as much material as a 2.0 kilo Flokati rug, so it is thicker, the yarn is thicker, and it is denser with the pile tending to be more upright.  As a general rule you can assume the following approximate pile heights: 4.0 Kilo Flokati rugs about four inches; 3.0 Kilo Flokati rugs about 3 inches; 2.0 Kilo Flokati rugs about 2 inches; 1.4 Kilo Flokati rugs about 1 1/2 inches.

How do I decide the proper weight of my Flokati Rug?

Budget is the first consideration. If budget is not a consideration, then look and use vary between these weights. A 4.0 kilo Flokati rug is very ostentatious and will generally be a decor item on in it's own right. It's a bit high to put much furniture on, and will not fit under a door if it has to be opened over the rug. A 2.0 kilo Flokati rug is still very nice, but it is more practical to put furniture over and generally a door will open over it.

What about color in Flokati Rugs

Please remember that a high quality flokati rug can last 25 years or more with moderate traffic. It will most likely outlast your decor several times over, so be sure the color is something you will be happy with for a very long time. We always recommend a Flokati rug in natural white as it is very neutral and goes with anything, unless there is a real pressing need for a particular color.

I want to color-match my Flokati Rug? Can you send samples?

We do have samples of Flokati rugs. However, please note that the Flokati rug is a soft good. The nature of the wool shag is that light and shadow play unevenly across the surface. Even if it is exactly the same dye standard color as your couch, it will not look the same. It is not reflective, and is very light sensitive. We never recommend trying to match existing colors to a new Flokati rug..