Fake Bear Rugs

Our fake bear rugs are exotic faux fur rugs with the real look and feel of heavy fur. These fake bear rugs are available in white, black, dark brown and ivory; and in sizes 2'4" x 4'6", 3'5" x 4'6", and 4'6" x 6'8". Our Fake bear rugs have a pile length of approximately two inches. Our fake bear rugs are washable, hypoallergenic, stain and soil resistant and naturally fire retardant. Our fake bear rugs are are great for any room in the home, including the bath or a child's room.  These fake bear rugs can be vacuumed with a hand held attachment, brushed or washed with Woolite and cold water and air dried.

Super Plush Faux Polar Bear Rug
Price: $49.00

Super Plush Faux Brown Bear Rug
Price: $89.00

Faux Alaskan Polar Bear Rug Ivory
Price: $59.00

Faux American Black Bear Rug
Price: $59.00