Bamboo Rugs Mats

Bamboo is remarkable in its beauty and durability. Its fibers are far stronger than wood fibers and much less likely to warp from changing atmospheric conditions. Our bamboo rugs are made of the finest quality, bamboo in the world, harvested from the Anji mountains. Kiln-dried bamboo is machine-planed and sanded superior durability for a smooth finish. Environmentally friendly products are gaining in popularity because they are sustainable and Eco-friendly as well as naturally beautiful, versatile, with unique properties, and can be easily and safely decomposed, composted or incinerated with no harmful emissions.

Protect Our Planet

Choosing products made from natural fibers instead of synthetic fibers is a small step towards reversing man-made damage to our planet but it’s an important one. Synthetic fibers create serious disposal problems for communities worldwide. they release heavy metals and other additives into soil and groundwater when they are disposed of in landfills.  Incineration produces dangerous pollutants. Substantial amounts of carbon dioxide are also released into the atmosphere during production of synthetic fibers. In stark contrast, natural fibers are naturally and easily decomposed with the help of universal fungi and bacteria. Natural fibers can also be composted to improve soil structure.

Pearl River Bamboo Rugs Mats
Price: $99.00

Premiere Bamboo Rugs Mats
Price: $99.00

Contemporary Bamboo Rugs Mats
Price: $99.00

Cobblestone Mahagony Bamboo Rugs Mats
Price: $99.99

Key West Bamboo Rugs Mats
Price: $99.00

Villager Bamboo Rugs Mats
Price: $89.00

Bamboo Kitchen and Bath Mat
Price: $69.00