Flokati Rugs

These Flokati Rugs are still made in the traditional way, as they have been in Greece for 1,500 years. Flokati rugs are naturally stain and soil resistant. The high moisture content of the fiber, along with wool protein constituents, gives Flokati rugs excellent flame resistance as well. Our collection of Traditional Flokati rugs is made from 100% New Zealand Drysdale Wool Type 126/7, by far the best in the world. in designer colors. Available in natural white, winter white and designer colors in 1.4, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 kilo per square meter weights.  Flokati rugs are a beautiful, luxurious and stylish shag rug, available in a large selection of rectangles and rounds and pile heights from 1.5 to 4 inches.

The Flokati Rug, an Enduring Asset

Flokati rugs are a unique type of wool shag rug. The Flokati rug is hand woven, and are used in many configurations in home decor.  Flokati rugs have been traditionally made in Greece for 1500 years. These were used as clothing, beds in tents, and for keeping warm in winter. These rugs were made by Vlach shepherds from hand raised sheep and the women wove the wool into handwoven flokati rugs. The unique flokati  rug appearance developed from the Vlach sheep farmer’s habit of washing the woven flokati wool in Pindos mountain river water. Traditionally it was placed under a water fall. This quality of water resistance helps it to tighten, until the stack becomes fluffy. This is called the “birthing” of a flokati rug. This is what gives the flokati rug its enduring unique qualities. This flokati rug is made of raw wool which is spun into the loops and the mass is cut by hand. Then it is washed in mountain water and pitched to get the softness and fluffiness and then sun dried. The waterfall wash is the secret behind the perfect flokati rug. Originally, flokati rugs where only made from Greek Wool, but today because of the worldwide demand much of it is made from New Zealand Wool, which is the finest in the world.

Traditional Flokati Rug 4.0 Kilo
Price: $319.00

Traditional Flokati Rug 3.0 Kilo
Price: $239.00

Traditional Flokati Rug 2.0 Kilo
Price: $159.00