Bowron Sexto Pelt Sheep Skin Rug

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Bowron Sexto Pelt Sheep Skin Rug

These are Natural Sexto Sheepskin Pelt Sheepskin Rugs, in natural long wool white, Dark Brown and Black approximately 5'  x 6' , from the world's pre-eminent manufacturer of sheepskin products, Bowron New Zealand.  This is an incredibly thick and luxurious fur rug made from natural sheepskin pelts. Backing is natural tanned leather. This is also very heavy and the perfect rug for that fireplace or family room where people are going to want to be laying on the floor. Perfect for the kids, as sheepskin is incredibly healthy for the body. Call us for Custom Orders.

Sheepskin rugs are naturally beautiful, luxurious and comfortable; thick, soft and luxurious.  Nothing compares to the luxury and durability of a sheepskin rug or it's natural comfort for the human body.  Sheepskin is naturally luxurious, beautiful and comfortable.  Sheepskin wool breathes and is static resistant.  The structure of sheepskin wool allows the body to be supported by millions of resilient and springy wool fibers, providing total support and comfort for the body.  And sheep skin wool is a great insulator. Wool traps air, which insulates you against cold and heat.  Sheep skin wool is natural stain, soil and flame resistant too.  One of the oldest and most natural materials known to mankind, it can enhance your comfort and improve your well-being. 

Bowron Eco Promise

G.L.Bowron & Co Ltd certifies that all products & processes comply to all regulations relating to treatment & discharge of waste products. No toxic or harmful chemical are used in the processing of our skins. Only the finest skins from New Zealand & Australian sheep flocks are utilized, to insure no genetically engineered material is used. We are committed to conducting our trade in an environmentally sensitive manner.

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