Sheepskin Pelt Rugs

Long wool Sheep skin Rugs luxury. Bowron Traditional, natural shaped long wool sheep skin rugs, across a range of sizes and colors. The worlds finest natural pelt sheepskin rugs ooze luxury, opulence and style. Nothing compares to the luxuriousness and durability of sheep skin rugs or their natural comfort for the human body. 

One of the oldest and most natural materials known to mankind, sheep skin rugs can enhance your comfort and improve your well-being. Sheep skin rugs are naturally resilient. Sheep skin rugs will never lose their beautiful shape. Sheep skin rug wool fiber is made from millions of minute coiled fibers that stretch and give rather than break. Sheep skin rugs are naturally stain, soil and flame resistant too. The surface of a sheep skin rug is covered by a thin protective membrane which gives wool an ability to shed water and water based stains. The high moisture content of the fiber, along with wool’s protein constituents, gives sheep skin rugs excellent flame resistance. 

Bowron, New Zealand

Our sheepskin rugs products are manufactured by Bowron, New Zealand.  Bowron Sheep skin rugs have been hand crafted with pride by G.L.BOWRON & CO. LTD. New Zealand since 1879.  Bowron is the preeminent manufacturer of the traditional  sheep skin rug in the world.

Bowron Single Pelt Sheep Skin Rug
Price: $109.00

Bowron Double Pelt Sheep Skin Rug
Price: $229.00

Bowron Quad Pelt Sheep Skin Rug
Price: $439.00

Bowron Sexto Pelt Sheep Skin Rug
Price: $629.00

Octo Pelt Bowron Sheep Skin Rug
Price: $749.00